I perceive myself as an interpreter and a transformer of reality. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, especially nature. I see art everywhere and I transform reality into colorful and unique experiences.

My work is recognized for its vibrant colors. The technique I mostly use is mixed media because it allows me to find new ways to express myself.

I participated in collective and solo exhibitions in France, ltaly, Spain, United States, and Argentina. I invite spectators to open their minds and get carried away by emotions and sensations.


Veronica D'Angelo is an italo-argentine publicist, designer, and visual artist based in Paris, France. This mix of knowledge allows her to create a unique and dynamic style.

She started exploring figurative art. And after years she began to venture into the abstract world, which she describes as “a language to express a new reality”.

Her artwork is known for her use of bright colors and expressionism. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques in order to be able to express her ideas and concepts in an intuitive and fluid way. She currently works in her atelier in Paris and continues participating in exhibitions all around the world which inspires her to discover new methods and expands her knowledge into maximum creativity.