I think of my artwork as a process of inventing new stories by using pages from old books.

The art actually begins outside of the studio when I walk into a second-hand bookstore or rummage through boxes that someone has thrown out. One visual has the power to guide the story as it begins to unfold in the background.

Sometimes the process is slow and calculated and sometimes it’s an unexpected eruption of ideas on paper.

My works contain images, pieces of broken paper and splashes of paint or lines made with markers or drips of wax. The pieces are multi layered and sealed with resin which gives them a sense of finality, preservation and reflectivity.

My current group of works contains all round pieces, with the subject matter of each body of work determining the materials and the composition. 

I am inspired by nature, history, colour and shape and twisting images into unexpected results. I love how the viewers look closely at my pieces to examine where one shape ends and another begins.

Sydney based artist, Victoria Aleporos, has been honing her skills in collage and mixed media art for the past several years. Originally an Architect and Interior Designer, Victoria blended her skills in composition and her love of colour with 25 years of design experience, bringing about an exciting marriage of all her passions.  She is a visual storyteller and enjoys surprising art patrons with the unexpected.