I am graphic designer who returned to painting 5 years ago. I work with an acrylic
paint. My focus is on humans - their psychology, social interactions and interests.
From a distance my work reveals an overall composition and merely begins to
show the interactions between the colors. After a closer inspection you can see
their true nature - how tightly and deeply they are intertwined,

In my recent work I focus on positive emotions by dissecting colour, form and
composition. My interest in positive emotions was born out of being tired of all the
negative news that come from the media. The overwhelming feeling of being
trapped in a negative and harmful environment was forged into the colourful
paintings and happy feelings that create a barrier between the outside and inside

The journey through positive emotions helps to heal, to focus and in my case to
channel those happy feelings. My goal is not only to show my revelations about
certain emotions but it is also an attempt to recreate these feelings within the
viewer - to help them remember those good moments in life and to escape from a
trap of living in a hostile world.

‘To emphasis the elusiveness of the emotional states and the reality itself |
developed a technique that allows me to work mainly with the flows of air and just a
few touches of a brush. In all my paintings I use gold and white or black as the base
of a colour palette.

Weronika Dylag - graphic designer, photographer, painter based in Warsaw,
Poland. Born in 1987 works actively as a graphic designer. While working for one of
the biggest advertising agencies in Poland - Isobar, she decided to get back to
painting. To find peace of mind and to process emotions as well as work on inner
mechanisms she turned to abstract painting as it gives her a way to express
through colour. Her attention turned to nontraditional ways of spreading paint
across canvas like pouring and using blows of air instead of brushes. It is her way
to emphasis the way emotions spread and their ephemeral character.