4th.07 – 4th.08
Presented by MONAT GALLERY

MONAT Gallery is pleased to present the Hidden Treasures exhibition, focused on the most recent art works realized by the represented artists, the exhibition runs from July 5th to August 5th, 2022, presenting a unique experience at the Gallery.

The selected works exhibited here talk about the unknown part of our lives and perspective that we are, in fact, missing in our nowaday routine. The pause that we need in the rush is hidden in these pieces. The exhibition is curated to suggest looking in our inner self, related to the situation that we are living in. Through this work, the exhibition aims to present in front of us the part that we don’t see, the air and time that we need to breathe and enjoy with calmness. The power of these pieces in Hidden Treasures discover a world seen through other people’s eyes, so maybe we can build a new way in our journey.


Featured in this exhibition: Frederic Husseini / Malin Ask / Akmal Bekmirza / Loman / Sarah Schonbeck / Lilianna Perlefein / Austin Van Allen / Andreas Angleitner / Michael Lomholt / Sharon Goodenough / Cosmoselector / Susy Leysen / Yuan Rong Zhang / Paige Wallwork / Masayo Sakai / Maria Allner / Christina Klein / Susana Padilla / Romain Balssa / Mäité Lefebvre / Magdalena Rojas/ Mj Coope / Lydia Bullock / Lauri Smith / Antonella Quacchia




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