After having painted a lot of aquarelles in my artistic life, my quest was to find a new material and technique that had the fluidity and feeling of watercolours, but with more textural depth and a more vibrant colour intensity.
As I found the glossy shine of resins and plastics too ostentatious, my exploration for a matte technique lead me to experiment with various forms of wax. After thorough experimentation I perfected my personal technique. The main challenge lies in directing a hot material flow through colour pigments to get the shape, colour and intensity I want before it solidifies.
The layered colour depth and material softness of the fluid shapes I create give the artworks a natural organic serenity that allows you to endlessly uncover different things and colour details each time you look at it. I hope they bring the viewer as much peace and tranquillity as I had in making them.

Amy Jowil (Amsterdam, 1991) is an autonomous artist. Self-taught, she has been artistically active from a very young age. Starting in aquarelle, she expanded her artistic palette through various techniques. Her current work reflects the natural flow of life and the colours that result from it. Sculpting with fluids, she creates unique conceptual artworks from her personal vision.
The colourful handwriting, which runs like a red thread through her work, as well as her research into various materials and new techniques are striking. Amy Jowil varies both in size and substrate for her works. For each work she always carefully chooses the material and format that best conveys her message. As a self-taught artist, she adds the mastery of new materials and processing methods to her oeuvre. They complement each other in a natural way.
Her distinctive choice of material, which has been thoroughly studied to perfect the right colours and textural flow, shape her works as truly unique and exclusive pieces of art.
Wax with high quality pigments on canvas, built up in different layers, finished with a sealer.