I specialize in visual executions of conceptual cultural ideas using diverse media such as painting, poetry, digital art and film. My aim is to redefine prevailing narratives about people, especially minority groups, and create art that represents these groups in positive and empowering ways. Rooting my visual storytelling in my own experiences growing up in Ecuador and living as an immigrant in the United States, I seek to cultivate a vulnerability in my work that encourages others to open up to each other.

I see this personal, spiritual vulnerability and community engagement as essential to the creative process and to bringing about healing in marginalized communities. My paintings, murals and digital art are defined by a surreal and layered approach to representation of human culture designed to expand the audience’s imagination and push established psychological and social boundaries. This colorful and otherworldly art style evokes a dreamlike visual environment that defies convention by combining disparate aspects to make a complex whole. My work incorporates contrasting elements of the visual and textual, the abstract and the realistic, the personal and the cultural to challenge people’s ideas about their own limitations and potentials. Artistic expression for me is a spiritual practice rooted in my commitment to provide a living, breathing example of an underdog who overcame immense adversity to find her creative voice and spread her message of empowerment.

I use every medium available to me as an artist to challenge myself into never being complacent with simple interpretations of visual and auditory experiences. My goal is to use my prominence as an artist to create creative communities where artists can collaborate and lean on each other for support as they work together to better the world. I believe that art cannot spring from solitude, as my inspiration comes from living and working alongside real people, from fully engaging with individuals and communities to find commonality and diversity in their shared experiences. Fundamentally, I create art that seeks to get people to self-reflect, to awaken divine alignment and encourage vulnerability, empathy and peace within my audience.

With her roots in traditional drawing and painting, Alejandra has embraced various forms of
expressing and developing her creative ideas.

Ranging from photography, writing, music production, digital art, cinematography, to large scale murals her work can be seen in various spaces, surfaces, galleries and digital platforms. Alejandra focuses on pushing her personal expressive style inspired from contemporary culture, philosophy, poetry, spiritual awareness and women's rights.

In addition to her artwork, Alejandra has curated, been a keynote speaker with Bacardi Women in Leadership, mentored, advised, and been a leader for her community. She has been curating, designing, and advocating for artists independently for 5 years.