"UrbanMinimal" is a series of works that breathe life into the essence of Melbourne's urban tapestry. With a blend of hard-edge and minimalism, Alex has captured the intricacies, from the lines to the palette of colors, all extracted from the panoramic canvas of Melbourne's modern architecture. Through this interplay of artistic elements, he delved deep into the core of society and the environment. 

Represented at the PARIS ART FAIR from the 22nd to the 24th of September, MONAT Gallery present the artworks of Alex Caetano: "Melbourne" and "Emergence".

"Melbourne" is inspired by the modern architecture and urban design of the artist's resident city of Melbourne, Australia. The sharp lines of the urban cityscape intersect with one another, and geometric ripples are formed. The natural and industrial worlds shape and are shaped by one another.

Meanwhile "Emergence", born of a minimalist aesthetic, contains symbols, colours and forms that represent the LGBTQIA+ community. In the same way that the rainbow flag has always been located in the centre of my life, it is placed here in the centre of my work. In contrast to the white plane on which they stand in stark relief, the rainbow colours represent our community's existence, our increased visibility and our emergence into prominent societal positions throughout the cities. This work represents a joyful acknowledgement of the vibrant diversity that our community contributes and the continued advancement of our rights. Other symbols I have worked with here are the symbols “+” and “x”. The symbol “+” is found in the centre of the artwork and in the abbreviation LGBTQIA+. The “+” is the point of inclusion and welcome for all gender diversity. By reorienting the artwork, the “+” symbol becomes an 'x', used here by me as a symbol to represent diverse sexual desires. This letter has been adopted by the queer community in Brazil to substitute the letters 'a' and 'o' with the intention of removing masculine and feminine words to create, in its place, a new neutral, non-
binary language.


Introducing Alex Caetano, a visionary artist from the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil and now based in the creative hub of Melbourne, Australia. Born in 1979, Alex's journey has been a mosaic of diverse experiences that have shaped his artistic expression.
Early on, Alex immersed himself in the underground scene of São Paulo, organizing and promoting exhilarating parties that celebrated the freedom and spirit of the city's queer community. This fundamental connection with art became a driving force, leading him to explore various creative outlets including music, fashion, and visual arts.
After spending a decade in Portugal, Alex's artistic endeavors took a new path. He served as the chief production coordinator for Lisboa Fashion Week, overseeing the intricate dance of creativity and logistics. Managing television and theatre sets further enhanced his appreciation for the harmonious blend of visual elements.
Currently, Alex passionately pursues his artistic endeavors in the realm of Visual Merchandising in Melbourne. Yet, his thirst for self-expression remains unquenched. He has embarked on a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Guided by an insatiable creativity, Alex has undertaken a self-taught exploration of various techniques, constantly seeking new avenues of artistic communication.
In 2019, Alex embarked on a socially conscious project. He raised funds to support refugee children in Melbourne through the upcycling of discarded mannequin parts into original plant pots. This powerful initiative showcased his ability to breathe new life into forgotten objects, emphasizing the importance of unity and sustainability.
In 2020, as the world grappled with the confines of lockdown, Alex's creativity soared to new heights. He found inspiration in the dynamic lines, vibrant colors, and captivating design of Melbourne's modern architecture. This revelation birthed the "UrbanMinimal" series, a collection that captures the essence of urban life in stillness and simplicity. One of his remarkable artworks was even selected for display at the prestigious Merri-Bek Summer Show 2022, hosted in the renowned Counihan gallery in Melbourne.