This series is the largest scale of mandala art, I’ve done, on canvas. The animal imagery is to represent the spirit energy and the colour palette is to reflect the mental and emotional influence. The dot work highlights the unseen vibrational pulls which extends us into the higher realm. The metallics create an additional layer of observation as the glow changes with different lighting. The background is an abstract blend while the mandala art is composed of intricate line work.

Amanda is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist; her specialties include stipple ink illustrations, acrylics on canvas, and fashion design. Although the mediums may change, the main inspiration and imagery are consistent, which is heavily influenced by nature and sound/rhythm. Amanda has recently exhibited in Art Expo NY, Art Basel Miami, and making her first appearance in NYFW where her artwork will be featured on her garment designs. She is excited and inspired to continue growing through experience and meeting new creatives.