"I love the way art can 'silence' the moment and protects the fragility of moments passing by.
I've always been drawn to images, visual stimuli make a deep impression. I like to look at images, artwork, people’s faces, or the way light and shadow slide into the room.
I guess at some point I felt that words couldn’t express to a full extent what I observed. Either I tried to explain too much or perhaps not enough.
In my work, I communicate my observations, which can be vivid and impressive, sometimes bottled up for months; a facial expression or an evocative scenery, which is hard to capture in words.
By slightly altering, exaggerating, or choosing an unusual point of view, I try to create joined attention with the viewer.
My photography is in black and white. I feel it strengthens this focus and leaves the observation somehow timeless."

Andréa Lobel lives and works in the Netherlands.
She's partially educated at the Academy for Photography and the School for Arts and Design. She's an awarded photographic artist.