Talking is silver, painting is gold.

When it comes to personal expression, people prefer different ways.
As an introvert I feel much more comfortable with watching and listening to other people’s concerns, worries and problems than telling about my own personal belongings. To create abstract paintings is my path to express myself at it’s best.
I love moving spatulas over different color fields and pouring pigments into each other. To me, it is a type of pushing limits and crossing borders.
In real life I usually tend to risk little because of fearing negative consequences.

Although I have learned throughout the last few years to become more open-minded and self-confident, I prefer the silent way to express - painting instead of talking.

I feel honored to present my works in such an artistic atmosphere which Monat Gallery creates and I am grateful for that!

Born in 1988, living in Austria
Attended Masterclass of Gabriele Musebrink
Favorite material: acrylics, pastels, ink, pigments and limestone
Favorite techniques: Spatula, pouring and rubbing
Inspired by Robert Süess, Gabriele Musebrink and Gabriele Middelmann