The images, conveyed through my artwork, are messages sent to anyone whose heart is inspired by what they see on the canvas. I create these images from a deep-rooted emotion and spiritual connection. Both for myself and the beholder, each painting is a journey of discovery through trust, playfulness and courage where an encounter with the Universe as whole can take place.

Meet Anita Edvinsson, a bold and fearless artist who has a unique perspective on the world. With a mixture of Eastern European blood and a strong Nordic mindset, she is truly a European hybrid.
Born in Poland and raised in different parts of the world, including Nigeria and Great Britain, Anita finally found her home in Sweden, first in Norrland and now in Skåne. Anita's diverse upbringing in the different cultures she experienced appears in her paintings. Her work is characterized by bold and vivid use of color, with high contrast and a unique mix of patterns. This gives the paintings a distinctive design language.
Every brushstroke is both intuitive and intentional, as is every color choice. The artworks are created without a predetermined outcome: the motif reveals itself and develops as the work progresses as if a higher consciousness is channeling through her mind and through her tools. When you look at Anita's paintings, you notice how colors and patterns merge to create something remarkable. Her paintings draw you into a journey of thought and evoke different kinds of emotions.
For example, one person may become energetic and inspired, while another may become calm and contemplative.