I consider art to be an interplay of music and colour. I love and need music while working - it inspires me and makes me creative. Sometimes I even dance during the process of painting. For me, painting is all about letting go and being in the moment.
There is not only one style of art or one specific theme that I deal with. Every kind of colour and variety has it's charm. That is the reason why my artworks show diverse characters.
Working with acrylic paint is my preferred technique because that's the best way to
express my feelings. Moreover, I work with many different colours, depending on my
mood. I always decide spontaneously which colours are best to express and realise my ideas. Depending on the subject, I get to use either strong and opaque colours or paler tones with watercolours.
Flowers are one of my favourite motifs because their variety of colour and form is
impressive. I also like to take photos of arranged bouquets and try to bring them onto
canvas with my own touch of feelings.
At the moment I love to paint quick and simple portraits - I call them speedpainting
portraits. The challenge is to capture the expression and character of the person in the shortest possible time with doodling techniques. This is more about the process than a perfect result.

My name is Annabell Mozer, 34 years old and I am a self-taught artist from Althütte,
Germany. Four years ago, exactly on my 30th birthday I decided to dedicate my life to art.
Now I'm working almost every day in my own studio - my favourite place.
Frankly speaking, my love for art emerged during a serious disease that lasted several
years. Painting gave me strength and became my passion. Today I still process my past in paintings.
I have neither studied art nor gathered experience in painting courses and I have never exhibited my artworks so far. In the past I have painted portraits of pets for family and friends. I like to go to museums and get inspired by other artists. My journey has just begun and I am looking forward to everything that is to come.
But I think that being an artist is my destiny.