The exhibition ̀ˆBIRTH OF SUPERNOVA ̀ˆ at MONAT Gallery is built on the tremendous suggestive power of the term and celebrates artists for their capacity to conjure up a new wave of fantasy and rebirth. Dazedness is a classic motif in contemporary artworks and within the Birth of Supernova it merges death and life into a unique beam of light, dashed and divided like a million stars, filled with chaos, creation and new beginnings. A sign of a new age that hides all the desires we have been hiding from our heart. Childlike wonderment, unencumbered creativity and an abundance of mischief towards the declaration of our own self find plenty of room to finally be expressed. All the works in the exhibition, as well as the way they are staged, invite our imagination to reflect on The Birth of Supernova and its relationship with the art of our century, but also with ourselves, for this winter of 2021.

The Exhibition