MONAT Gallery is pleased to present the Bloom of Youth exhibition, an important collective exhibition featuring different international artists. Focusing on their most recent works, the exhibition runs from March 4 to April 4, 2022, inaugurating a new cycle of exhibitions this upcoming season. Bloom of Youth aims to represent the deep forgotten desire of the Springtime of youth, hidden in the depth of our soul. The rediscovery of the inner child long lost trough the experience of life, the ceasefire between our heart and mind, the surrender to the instinctive rhythm of nature and life as a way of healing deep wounds and overcome a higher state of expression. Trough the power of abstraction, the Bloom of Youth exhibition holds an intimate space where thoughts turn to art creating a channel of intertwined connection where the self can just be and exists in alignment with the elements and source of life

Featured in this exhibition: Alexander Dik, Chikara Komura, Dayse Feijo, Katerina Stravidis, Kathy Stanley, Kindle / González, Lachlan Smith, Leo Windel, Lucia Heumann, Maki Amemori, Marcin Kamyk, Marie-Caroline Fraboni, Masumi Sugisaka, Micaela, Summers, Olivia Faulkner ,Pamir Kargin, Patricia Petapermal ,Patricia, Quintana Oliver, Sidi Kanani, Stephan Muller, Susie Pierce, Wilks Chaplin, Yves Willaert


Visit the online exhibition here