Ever since I was a child, I have loved to spend time in nature and traveling to unknown
countries and cultures, always looking for new impressions. I observe and let myself be
inspired by the different lighting moods, colors, shapes, smells and the feelings associated
with them. In order to be able to give the multitude of impressions and information enough
space and to be in a dynamic relationship with the painting, I see working with large-format
canvases as a logical consequence for me.


Caroline Pinzer is a young, independent artist. She lives and produces in Munich, which is
characterized by culture and prosperity. Pinzer's background in business psychology allows
her to take a controlled look at the constantly changing society. In a world driven by fast pace,
technology and information overload, Pinzer's motivation is to give the viewer of her paintings
a feeling of calm and balance.
Personally, she brings a reflected, profound attention to herself and her environment. An
attention that Pinzer also supports her paintings.
A look into her studio reveals countless brushes, paints, canvases and personal items that have
aroused Pinzer's curiosity. She often brings materials and found objects back from her travels
and experiences, which she uses in her paintings. With a very fine sense of composition and
color balance, Pinzer often works on one painting in many layers for several months. In this
way, she combines depth and lightness that allows the viewer to linger.