The most enjoyable aspect of my job in marketing, where I've spent nearly 20 years, was coming up with an idea for a product, creating it out of nothing, witnessing the challenging processes that followed and connecting the final product with people by making it appealing to all senses. I was so focused on the emotions that visual attraction boosts on people so I believe I always made a difference in this area. As a result, this part of my job deeply touched my soul. As a reflection of this, the main motivation of my paintings is the emotions they will create on viewers. Without filtering, I reflect whatever I feel onto the canvas. While living in times where life loses its vibrancy day by day, I was able to paint my own life in magnificent colors thanks to my paintings. And at this moment, all I want to do is touch people, awaken their senses, nourish their hearts, and bring joy and color into their lives.

During the epidemic process, I had the opportunity to think about, read, and then be inspired by the human need for balance in life. In essence, balance is the fundamental law of nature, and we spend our lives trying to find it. According to my experience, there are occasions when it's best to keep your hands on the wheel and maintain balance by exactly following the directions of the navigation. However, there are instances when it is acceptable to excuse going to extremes, scattering, being flung, and losing balance. Because one does not occur without the other. People flying between balance and imbalance are represented by Wings Series in my paintings.

I was born in Ankara in 1979. After completing TED Ankara College, I received my degree from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 2000. I moved to Istanbul and did my MBA at Koç University. After working in Marketing departments of several multinational corporations for almost 20 years, I took a new path and focused on my paintings. By taking part in workshops and trainings, I had the chance to experience various viewpoints and techniques while developing my own distinctive world in painting.