I take pictures of flowers in the evening after the sunset with a flash light.

The color of the sky turns to indigo blue through a camera and flowers get vivid and show us the strength of plants.

The pictures remind us of the old home of creatures who were born in the sea long time ago.

We have the memory of the birth of creatures in our heart since we are grown up in the sea in mother's tummy.

I hope you can enjoy the fantasy from my pictures.

Born on May 13, 1942, in Japan

Artist Name: Chikara Komura

Studied photography at the Field Seminar (lecturer: Atsushi Sato), Yotsuya Shasin Juku  during 2006-2021.

Exhibition & Awards

2 Solo Exhibition and 31 Group exhibitions in Japan, 

2 Group exhibitions in US, in 2020, and 2021, and another expected in NY in November 2021: Art/Expo 2020 NY

Award of Excellence at JPS in 2015, 

Honorable Mention Award, at Texas Photography Association Members Only Show, 2020.


Flowers in the Sea”, 2016, Tokorozawa Photo Studio, in Japan

      Tritoma in the Sea & Agave in the Sea in Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine #19 and #23.

      Flower Plums in Town in Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine #23

Ph. D. in economics at the Pennsylvania State University in 1979 

Professor of Economics at Seikei University in Musashino-shi, Tokyo, in Japan during 1980-2011. 

Professor Emeritus, Seikei University, 2011