It is in nature that Chris-Alys finds the first lights of her inspiration which develop in her the existence of a secret analogy between all things. Her work weaves its discourse in the imaginary, a mixture of fiction and reality, a passage from the sensual to the spiritual, a praise of the visible that leads to the invisible, the emergence of a scenographic mirage where the straight and the arabesque, the color and the black and white are staged to install in an eternity the charm of ephemeral beauties.

From a white surface, she creates a poetic universe from which emerge voluptuousness, delicacy, love, softness and sensuality, all in discretion. Her expression takes different paths, she imagines, impregnates, experiments, combines complexity and simplicity, transcends reality, creates bridges with artistic movements and never stops reinventing herself. In her works, straight and arabesque, color and black and white, are staged in a mixture of fiction and reality.
The creator seeks aesthetic strength, the balance of forms, the harmony of colors and the sincerity of the line. She develops her intuitions on the promise of an ideal of Beauty.