I am Christine Loh, an artist and a transgender asylum seeker based in Ireland. In my journey, I have found safety and acceptance in my new home, yet my heart remains connected to my cultural roots. Drawing inspiration from the colorful and vibrant Chinese Temple of my childhood, my art serves as a powerful medium to share my unique and compelling story. During my time in Ireland, I have found solace in my art. It is my ambition for my art to serve as a bridge between cultures, spreading joy and celebrating the values of equality and acceptance that I hold dear. Through my vibrant and evocative artwork, I aim to bring a sense of connection and happiness to all who encounter it. In my art, I express both my gratitude for my newfound home and my longing for my native culture and family. My paintings serve as a poignant reminder of where I come from and the strength it took to move far away in search of happiness, refusing to settle for anything less than I deserve. I hope that my art will bring happiness to everyone, just as I experienced during my memorable visits to places that embraced diversity. My art represents a warm embrace to new beginnings, encapsulating the spirit of hope and positivity. Through my artistic expression, I aim to share a piece of my origins and spread a message of optimism and resilience, serving as a testament to the strength and hope that reside within us all.

Welcome to my artistic world. I'm Loh, originally from Malaysia and currently a resident of Ireland. From a young age, I've been drawn to the boundless realm of creativity, finding solace and joy in the expressive power of art. It's a place where I can escape into a magical world, connecting with my emotions and imagination, and transcending the boundaries of reality.

My artistic journey has been a quest to discover my unique style, and in 2022, a pivotal moment arrived when I was deeply moved by the documentary "Saving Our Ocean." This experience sparked a new creative direction, leading me to experiment with painting fish. As I delved into this process, it unearthed vivid memories of my childhood, particularly the tranquil moments spent beside the Koi fish-filled ponds of Buddhist temples. It was here that my inspiration truly came to life.

The art I create carries a profound message. Firstly, it serves as a call to action to protect our oceans, reflecting my deep concern for environmental conservation. Additionally, the motif of the Koi fish symbolizes a universal wish for happiness. In our culture, these majestic creatures hold significant meanings of luck, fortune, and joy—a sentiment I aim to share with the world through my art.

It's my sincere hope that through my work, I can convey the beauty of our natural world and evoke feelings of positivity and harmony, resonating with audiences near and far.