Abstract painting is a mindful decision. I try to exercise a minimum of control over what I create. This is what fascinates and excites me: to be as close as possible to a feeling of freedom. It's challenging and interesting. From time to time I gladly return to the figurative.

Cornelia Quehenberger was born on September 15, 1966 in Salzburg, Austria, where she spent a childhood close to nature. During her schooling, an interest in art quickly took shape, strongly encouraged by her high school painting teacher. Back then she was really interested in school and took all her classes seriously.

At 19 , she left Áustria to travel abroad, attracted by the "elsewhere, the dream of a new life in a different country, different culture, different landscapes. London, Munich, Vienna, the south of France, and then ...Paris, where she settled down in 1989. My artistic work began in 1992 as a Make-up & hair artist for the performing arts. Theater, TV, Cinema and Opera.

In recent years, a large part of my attention and energy has been devoted to abstract
painting. It is the observation of nature that inspires me. I create my paintings in a totally self-taught way, no school, no studies at the Fine Arts , but a journey through life , stage and filmed performance. I really like the idea of shared workshops.

During the creative process, I give free rein to my imagination and my emotions. At the beginning there is often an idea of color, only then comes that of form. Right in the middle of the pictorial action, it is entirely the canvas that decides how the image will evolve.