MONAT Gallery is pleased to present Daydreaming Garden, an important collective exhibition featuring different international artists. Focusing on their most recent works, the exhibition runs from January 21 to February 21, 2022, being the very first exhibition at the gallery in this new year. Daydreaming Garden underlies the plural identity of the gallery, holding a conversation between East and West contemporary artistic approaches and fostering dialogue between cultures, temporalities and artistic expressions. Through the concept of abstraction, Daydreaming Garden aims to bring to life an art forest where the different pieces come to life through the eye of the observer. A true forest of self-expression that invites you to experience the flow of energy stirring the creative languages of the selected contemporary artists. Instability and irregularity engagingly give rhythm to this abstract garden liberated from hermetic conceptions as the artworks explore new landscapes through the complexity of their abstract constructions, defying human conceptions and the modern era.

Featured in this exhibition: Ophélia Buchelin, Janet Payne, Shuai Xu,Lize Kruger, Simon Berson, Cor Fafiani, Derek Harris, Marek Krumpar, Lotte Kjoeller, Marcel Jomphe, Brooke Morgan, Cordula Rock, Hisashiro Fukosawa, Rafa Tom, Shannon Nowak, Lloyd Hornsby, Vaiva Tuckuviene, Esther Tenedor Solsona, Charmaine Lenisa, Liza Basai, Wendy Yeo, Timothy R Collins.

Visit the online exhibition here

Bitersweet blues
Amazing Reality
Tilting Toe
Cherry Tree
Flors de Caldes
Between Worlds
Bump in the Night
Serie Rams de la Nicolai Romantic III
Flowers of the Four Seasons
Green Pastures IV
Green Pastures II
Exploration Source
Inaudible to Humans
The Black Holes 4
Psyche Without Colour
Stallions Fight
The Lamb
The Cave
The Aquarium
Secret Garden Collection - Otumn
The Thinning Veil Nº1
The Black Holes 2
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