“Recent works explore encountering the ambiguity of nature – using acrylics on Arto watercolor paper, the paintings illustrate people meeting predominantly abstract interpretations of acquainted landscapes – interacting, colliding, diving into, while exploring fear, anxiety, excitement, and love for life. The Australian east coast is the leading inspirer for the works helping me express my fascination for these rituals.”

During her childhood Elena frequently moved from place to place in former Yugoslavia, and then to Australia, as a refugee in the 90s. She discovered painting and drawing as a tool to help navigate through the discomforts of migrating around a war-ravaged homeland. Her creative skill later becoming indispensable as she arrived in Australia as a shy refugee who could not speak English, charming her
peers with her artworks of animals and other characters. Exploring the wonders of a new home, an island of wind-ravaged beaches,
imposing, ancient sandstone cliffs and the water, in all its faces and shades, would inspire her paintings from then on. But it wasn't only nature which captivated her. This was a new home full of people from every corner of the globe and celebrating this diversity -- against the backdrop of an ancient, weather-beaten, and ruggedly beautiful landscape -- has provided the inspiration for her art. Between these two pillars -- the people and the land -- there is vulnerability and strength. Primordial earth is the backsplash to the explosive energy, tension, and strength of humanity.
The last few years have been all about learning and experimenting for Elena. Leaving her busy city lifestyle working as an interior architect/project manager and casual social worker, Elena took on scuba diving in the south coast and painting has naturally become a dominant part of her lifestyle. “It was always a tool for remedy, but in the last few years I decided to dedicate more time and space to it.” In her small studio she has been exploring a variety of mediums. “With influence from my interior architecture background, I initially experimented with construction waste materials - wall paint, tiles, timber panels and cement mortar. More recently I have
been using acrylics and water-based oils, pastels and watercolours on paper and canvas. The works vary dependant on brief, mood, curiosity, and surroundings.”
The Latin diagraph ‘Lj’ counting as single letter in the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet is found in both of Elena’s parent’s names. Elena uses the letter to sign and represent her work, commemorating her heritage and her family’s love and support.