Her paintings are an abstraction of what we’re feeling, an emotion. It’s a timeless piece, that evolves constantly with the perception of each one. The shapes are always following the background, trying to find a balance and a fluidity in the movement. “I’m not looking for the perfect line or shape, but for the whole impression that the painting is giving to the viewer, something that arouse the curiosity.”

The line shape and background are one, they evolve together. The floating shape and the lines are giving that impression of movement that never stops, like suspended in the air and in time. It’s a timeless shape. Expressive lines that plays with perspective
and perception. She often use different layers of painting, overlaying watercolour,
to bring texture, work the contrast or give a smoothness to the background. Some layers catch the light, and give reflection to the painting. When you’re moving through her paintings you can feel it in a different perception and play with the angle. She’s working through different series, could be a colour theme or how the line shape is evolving on the canvas.

Ellya Zilsky is a French Artist based in Dublin. She studied Art and History at the university of Montpellier and move to Paris to study Graphic Design and Art Direction. She’s also illustrator and love photography.

She always wanted to explore more about painting, and try to find her own style and her own form of artistic expression using paint, ink, mixed media and drawing. She explores the impression of movement with the lines, something that evolves constantly, like a choreography or a music, and where the viewer is intrigued by the floating shape. She’s influenced and love the work of Anselm Kiefer, Antony Gormley, Egon Schiele, Giacometti, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud.