In addition to brightly colored flower paintings in watercolor, Eva Munk's paintings in recent years have been characterized above all by her paintings of people. Realized with soft pastel, they are works in which soul lies. During the painting process, a deep connection with her counterpart develops. And about her oil paintings, which she creates in many thin layers, Eva Munk says: "This painting brings me into a state of meditation, into my center." Here it is also the patience and perseverance to bring such a work to a perfect end , which defines the artist living in Zwölfaxing near Vienna. This is how the impressive "Pool Series" came about, in which she captured the people diving in the pool in a way that shows the reflections and liveliness in a unique snapshot.
What is so special about Eva Munk's work is the variety of techniques used and the openness to always allow something new and inspiring and to implement it skillfully. The artists who inspire her include Xenia Hausner and Ruth Baumgarte through the strong colors that impress in their pictures. In the case of the abstract works, however, inspiration comes primarily from within; she gives free rein to her feelings and emotions.

Eva Munk's passion for painting began when she met her partner on the Way of St. James in 2006, who, pointing the way, gave her a small watercolor paint box.
While at the beginning of her work she focused on painting flowers and landscapes in intensive
watercolors, today she is increasingly concentrating on the subject of "human beings", which she depicts in a mixture of realism and free expressiveness.
Eva Munk learned the craft with which she implements her artistic flair from numerous international artists at Kunstfabrik Vienna.