I am a self-taught artist living in France. My work reflects my thoughts and the search for
freedom of line, color and texture. Leaving the viewer to interpret what they want. The viewer
is free to find their own meaning in each striking canvas. I use mixed media and a subtle
color palette. My abstract works are textured, layered and evocative.

I am a great lover of Art, especially painting. I have accumulated my own experience, based
on many years of personal work.

Painting allows me to express an emotion, a sensation, but also my vision of Life and Men.
All this based on my own psychoanalysis.

My work focuses on texture and abstract color compositions, such as canvas, paper, wood
panel, I use acrylic and mixed media (structures, cracks and textures...) and various colors,
compositions and materials.

"My mind is quiet and contemplative" The power of my mind lies in quiet contemplation, of
what surrounds me. By nurturing stillness, wisdom is revealed. Let the stillness of your mind
find the answers you seek."