In my process of artistic perception, I describe everything that falls within my field of vision and take them on an adventure within themselves. In my range of looking at the world, I drive my exit door with colorful embroideries. I gift these embroideries to life as a small gesture. When I look at the picture as a whole, it gives me pleasure to feel every moment of this process. 

Using the shield of escapism, I give hierarchical roles to the heroes in my work. Sometimes I become a role model for them. I leave them unlimited freedom under this shield. I don't want to leave this process most of the time when I describe them in this field

In short, I threw away the rough of life, I live the thinner.

Born in Samsun in 1968, Feray Gülseven took her first step into the art process with the international award she received as a child. The artist, who graduated from Samsun Ondokuzmayıs University Visual Arts Teaching Department, believed that she was on the right track with another award she received in the first year of university. From the first years of her art teaching, she participated in art festivals in many parts of Germany. While she was a portrait expert at these festivals, she also created works of art with the concepts she determined

While continuing these activities and exhibitions nationally and internationally, it supports this process with the symposiums it gives, the workshops it creates and the many art activities it participates in.

The artist, who has works in many national and international collections, continues her works in Antalya and the Netherlands