With these paintings the artist proposes a real artistic-cognitive path.  An introspective journey stimulated by sensations through the calls of space and nature.

With these elegant and minimal shapes the observer is initially pervaded by apparent calm, having the impression of taming nature with his first glance.

However, it will be just an impression.

Who will be able to perceive the flashes on the canvas cleverly hidden by the sculptor's hand, will finally find themselves admitting that the only one able to establish the order of things is the same nature that he has tried to tame.

Chiara Genini is a young 24-year-old Italian artist and founder of Fydia Studio.

Her passion for art led her to win a scholarship in this area at the age of 13.

After the artistic diploma, in 2021 she graduated in communication, media and advertising at the IULM University of Milan.

During her university years, Chiara had the opportunity to study art in all its forms, from cinema to theater, from literature to musical languages. She concluded this journey with a thesis that analyzes the relationship of contemporary artists with the media.

After her studies, she picked up the artist's tools again and creates sculptural works on canvas using plaster. Here Fydia studio was born, a place where the artist can express her inner art and communicate it to the world.