In the process of capturing the condensation of my thought, I find that patterns are recurrent, insistent... revealing.

In an effort to live in harmony, I am struck by the notion of being vs. ought to be. At that point I sometimes end up going from one extreme to the other one without clarifying or knowing which path leads me and which one leads me away.

The circular lines represent a process that begins, develops and goes back to the starting point. The straight lines are the exact time in which one moment breaks and the other begins, they are limits between phases, they are the reference of a space that is inevitably interrupted by another one .

With the available resources I adapt myself to the space. My appreciation for materialism, social values and personal emotions, is embodied in a blank canvas that I usually fill with geometrical figures.

Gabriela Elias is a highly experienced and recognized artist in Mexico City. Her inspiration started in France, where she lived when she was 19 years. She visited museums and art galleries, and when she returned to study Law she decided to start painting attending to private lessons.

Gabriela lived in Costa Rica and Brazil, she has continued painting for 30 years, participating in solo and collective exhibitions in Mexico, London, Austria, Dubai and Miami.

Gabriela has presented exhibitions supporting different causes like climate change, social justice. Receiving a special recognition in 2015 in an Art contest sponsored by International Amnesty on the Women Rights.

Because of her passion for art, Gabriela volunteer for 3 years at the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City, where she worked with artists, curators, museographers and historians who presented their work at the museum. This experience had great impact consolidated her as an artist.
Today, Gabriela lives in Austin, Texas where she continues painting and presenting her artwork in art galleries.