“My art mixes Pop Art and Cartoon styles. I love using spray paint on MDF wood panels because it gives me cool color gradients and a chill, neutral vibe similar to cardboard paper. I like to keep things loose with sketchy outlines and bold, vibrant colors. My inspiration mainly comes from the people around me and how they deal with the ups and downs of modern life. Plus, I'm totally into ancient Egyptian art and mythology, which also plays a big role in my work."

Haytham is an accomplished artist hailing from Egypt and currently based in Dubai, boasts an extensive career as a seasoned interior design consultant within the construction industry.
Holding a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, he exemplifies his commitment to the arts and is recognized as a distinguished member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Plastic Arts. Additionally, Haytham possesses accreditation from the Dubai Cultural and Art Authority, underscoring his professional standing and dedication to the realms of artistic and cultural expression.