During my education I discovered that a “normal” sharp photographically correct picture wasn’t enough. The photograph I see in my head, must have something extra. It took some time of experimenting before I finally developed my own style.

My Photographs are characterized by using creative techniques with my camera and digital postprocessing to achieve a photo that shows what I experience by the subject in the photo. In my photography you will find functional blur, bokeh circles, texture and a special use of light. The photograph forms the base that is processed into an artistic representation of the reality.

Erna Böhre was born in 1963 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Photography has always been a hobby for her. As a teenager from her parents, she got an analogue camera, with which all the family holidays were captured. Many years later she traded the analogue camera in for a digital camera. With this camera came the desire to know more about photography. She decided to attend the education to professional photographer at the photo academy.

During her education she was trained in all the disciplines of photography. But her interest lies in nature photography. In this discipline she graduated in 2017. Her graduation photography’s where selected for the Graduation show for the best photographers off the academy.