Heidi is a contemporary artist who paints abstract and non-figuratively, with a focus on different color palettes and depth. She has a visual arts education from Nydalen Art School in Oslo, Norway.

One of Heidi's goals is to give the viewer the experience of always finding something new in her pictures. You will find new things in them depending on where you stand, the light and the distance you have from the paintings.
In addition to being an artist, Heidi is a trained teacher, coach and therapist.

The artist says: My goal is to give you different experiences every time you look at the paintings, and an understanding that, as in life, it depends on how you look at the situation that determines your experience of it.
Art is an enrichment both for the individual and for society. We can have meetings between us and within ourselves through art.

Art is something bigger than the artists themselves. Art is so much, it can move you, inspire you, make you curious and sometimes even provoke you. Heidi Simonsen is inspired by the master Edvard Munch's quote: I don't paint what I see, but what I saw.

Heidi Simonsen lives in Edvard Munch's hometown, Aasgaardstrand in Norway. Like the old master, she is inspired by the light and the colours in her surroundings. For several years, she has had numerous exhibitions in her home country, both alone and together with other artists.