My name is Jana HladIkova,
artistic name Jane H.
As a shaman I guide clients through their inner worlds. As a painter I try to transfer my inner world to the canvas.

I have enjoyed painting since I was a child. I was fascinated by the world of colours. Playing with them, mixing them together, matching them to each other. Even then, I felt the power of colours and their energy quite naturally. How intense they could be, how they interacted, how they affected people. And it's an absolutely amazing world to me to this day.

As a painter, my focus is on abstract painting. I love it. It gives me a lot of space to express through colour and strokes what I feel, what I perceive, in a form that sets no limits.

It also gives space and freedom for you, the viewer, to find within the painting "the part of you" that resonates with your personality and your life story. I love intense colors and I am also a bit impatient. These were two main reasons I started working with acrylic paints. Besides the fact that they dry quickly, they also
change with different kinds of light. They can be mysterious and keep us in suspense as to what the next brushstroke will tell us or what other colour tones will be revealed.

Over time, I also discovered the magic of oil paints and their subtlety, mixing textures and working with a spatula. It is my preferred tool now, but I also like to work with all of them in combination. I started with smaller canvases but gradually became fascinated with larger areas. It's only the large format paintings that allow me to get the real creative sweep. By blending colours and strokes I bring dynamism, depth or, on the contrary, a light haze of invisible and omnipresent energies into the painting.

My abstract paintings are created intuitively and over time have developed into three directions: "strictly personal", "paintings that harmonize" and "free creation". People often tell me that my paintings speak to them. In addition to brightening their interiors, they feel they brighten them and their lives. Thus they make them realize the power of fine art.

Fine art has been with me all my life, but it wasn't until my shamanic experience during past twenty years took my perception and painting of the images onto the next level. Thus I am able to create painting that are energetically active. That is to say, paintings that tune you in, harmonize you and even heal you. They speak to you through their message.

I like to call them applied art. That's because the purpose of these paintings is for you to use them. To let them to ‚nourish‘ and ‚support‘ you. To enjoy them! Whether or not you believe in things between "heaven and earth" or are somewhere in between, there is no need to think too much about my paintings. Stop, take some time for yourself and feel what is beginning to happen within you - what it feels like, what the emotion is.

Maybe at first you feel nothing, maybe after a while you feel warmth, maybe a surge of energy, or just that you feel nice and you don't know why. Maybe you start feeling relaxed , fears and tensions fade away. You will feel lighter, more joyful and pleasantly attuned.

Or you may find that you "just" enjoy looking at the painting. You just like it. It speaks to you in some way, it fills you up inside. If that is so then my paintings fulfill their purpose.

My path to painting was not a direct one. I have a background in economics and so as a self-taught artist I took the courage at the age of 42 to show my canvases to the public. And what is my inspiration? The life itself.

Fer cafe, Ceske Budejovice - September 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Luxembourg Art Prize 2021
Gallery Supice, Tabor - April/June 2018
Art Fest Prag - 2016