"Through the spectrum of the different structures and sizes of my paintings and the firework of depths, rich colors, the viewer recognizes the diversity of life, can discover new paths and ideas and is inspired to change the perspective on his own world.

I would like to encourage the viewer to see the vastness of possibilities in my expressive paintings and to feel free for a moment.

 At the same time I want to give strength. Strength to tackle what has been postponed, to try new things, to master everyday life, to find oneself again and to end the day with a smile."

Jasmin Anderleit was born in Germany in 1980, lives and works in Rostock, is married and has twins.

She came to painting with oil and acrylic paints at an early age. After a creative break, she began painting again in 2019 and now sees art as an invigorating inspiration for herself and other people. She has specialized in abstract painting.

Her works are very popular and have already found their way to art collectors in Europe.