I am inspired by the cosmopolitan city life. My art reflects my love for bold colors, fashion statements and modern architecture. I try through my approach to reflect Mid Century Modern and Art Deco vibes by producing minimalistic yet vibrant art pieces using versatile acrylics as a medium. 


My art reflects my everyday experiences, emotions and interests in life. It’s a great tool for self expression and deep connection with myself.

My passion is art, and my story begins during childhood. I was always interested in creating things- drawing, painting, sewing- and I excelled at it during my school years. You could often find me with a sketchbook in hand or sitting at the easel in art class, because I loved being able to create something new out of nothing, using only my imagination and a few brushes and pencils. I pursued a degree in Public Administration and Political Sciences, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I found my true calling: Modern Abstract Art!!

After moving to Toronto, Canada- a true cosmopolitan city- I was inspired by all the cutting-edge art I saw on every street corner. That’s when I started experimenting with acrylic paint and various mediums to produce pieces that would look great hanging on my own apartment wall.

In 2020, it was time to take things up a notch, that’s when I started painting large scale abstract pieces on canvas. My artistic style was always inspired by mid century modern and art deco designs.

Creating art is an amazing process of experimentation and self discovery that helps me express myself in ways words can not convey.