I found in painting the inspiration to start a path of relaxation, wellness and introspection through self-knowledge of my emotions and experiences, giving me the freedom to and experiences, giving me the freedom to express the feeling of life.

In the process of creation is the intuition that directs me to make energetic textures with marks and contrasts energetic textures with marks and contrasts in the colors fusing diversity of natural raw natural raw materials. Having as a final interest that my works are a fast vehicle of good emotions transmitting immediate happiness.

I create works in oil and watercolor although acrylic is the most used, using different techniques I use different techniques with palette knife, brush, gesso, sand, stones,
wood, canvas, paper and materials that provide texture and volume to the final result.

My signature is an angelic wing that connects me with a universe of possibilities.

"Happiness is not a destination, it is the attitude with which you travel through life."


Julia Fernández Rebollo was born in Toledo in 1972 and lives in the coastal town of
coastal town of Puzol (Valencia), Spain. She is an abstract artist self-taught artist with a vocation for painting since childhood. However, her professional activity was developed in the business sector, undertaking various projects undertaking various projects related to the field of consulting until today.

He combines his business activity with his passion for the pictorial arts. Finding in abstract art the way to express the feelings and emotions that transmit his emotions that transmit his love for nature, reading and travels, where he has found travels, where he has found fascinating landscapes representative of tradition and tradition and culture that have made him want to enjoy the present moment,
leaving behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life.