What is the force that connects us all? Contemplation of this question is one of my main inspirations. In essence, my work is about nature, the human question and spirituality.
Inner wounds, vulnerability and healing, duality, the black and the white, the light and the dark and the ambivalence of life are prevalent themes. Guided in part by the subconscious, intuition and the power of soul are often reflected in my work.
To me, developing black-and-white photography in the photo lab is “painting with light“. Adding other objects to negatives during the developing process, photos are given a new body of life and become boundless mediums for expression. Negatives become their own unique positives. This is pure magic to me!
Through blurring, among a plethora of other techniques and testing the boundaries of the surreal, a poetic, picturesque reality blossoms in my black-and-white photographs.
Driven by desire and an inner craving to employ new methods, I work with atypical materials, constantly leaving known paths behind. Ideas express themselves in the form of paintings on paper or canvas, photography, installations and even unconventional objects.
It is not my intention to design or project but to open the vast realms of the mind and let the creative energy flow spontaneously into the chosen material... or did the material choose me?

Julia Pust, born 1969 near Hamburg/Germany.
Creative experimentation and the search for new outlets of expression for her creativity have accompanied her ever since early childhood. At the age of nine she discovered photography, at 12 dance and at 16 painting, fashion and fabric design.
After graduating from high school and engaging in photographic travel and internships in museums, she immersed herself in cultural studies from 1991-1996. She majored in fine arts/photography and minored in literature, psychology and philosophy.
Along with her studies Julia trained as a hat designer in 1992. Designing sculptures for the head became a further outlet for expressing her creativity.
Then in 1994 her son Pablo Milan was born and the experience of being a mother flowed into her work.
From 1993 to 2020 she collaborated with a wide variety of artists and designers, and
between 2001 and 2012 she ran her own shop gallery in Hamburg.
From 2012 until today she has taken part in various artistic projects and participated in international art awards and exhibitions in Luxembourg, Zurich, Mallorca and New York, among others.
Julia lives and works in Hamburg.