My main interest & purpose in life is the art of Photography. And to be precise, Abstract Photography.

For me, it is an on-going creative process of inspirational & experimental activities, opening door to a new world and dimensions that no other art form can so effortlessly accomplished.

We all participate in in a collective consciousness around us, which dictates and governs our shared common reality. Abstract photography provokes and stimulates our power of visualization, challenges the sternly established boundaries of our everyday reality, giving us the task and ability to view the world in an entirely different light, thus the power to change our world.

It is my wish, intention, and ambition that the audiences would come away with an expanded consciousness of the world around each one of us, and the notion that the power of visualization can no doubt change our identities with and the world around us. Freedom is the power of self-determination attributed to the free will, the quality of being independent of the domination and imprisonment of an enforced limited reality.

All my work here were taken within the last 2 years with a cell phone, of everyday ordinary objects. I also manipulated them in the same cell phone, then up-loaded them onto my computer’s Photoshop to fine-tune their colours, & sizes.

Born in Hong Kong, Justin Chan was High School and University educated in Canada, where he obtained his degree in Visual Arts & Philosophy.

He lived & works as a fashion/commercial photographer between Paris, London, Tokyo, & Hong Kong. During these years, he became famous for his work with most of the celebrities in the Asian Pacific area. He was also a part-time lecturer at the HONG KONG POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE OF ART while in Hong Kong. 2010 saw him starting an agent for international photographers & production company for China and the Asian Pacific region while based in Shanghai. 10 years later he decided to completely leave this section of the photography business altogether. He then took 2 years off to re-think how to pursue the new direction of his dream in photography again.

And now, as a member of the IAVA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF VISUAL ARTISTS in Italy, he concentrates wholeheartedly on his own art/ abstract photography.

He now lives between Shanghai & Hong Kong.