Most of my artworks are neo-figurative, neo-expressive composed on cotton canvas mostly
executed using acrylic, pastel, molding paste, and sometimes a range of unconventional media
varying from cigarette ashes, spices, and herbs to gauze and iodopovidone.
I paint incomplete distorted figures, avoiding using facial expressions which often obstruct the
other contentious senses of sight.
The limitation of exposed features leaves room for viewers to attain the potentiality of revealing
unlimited personal interpretations of the paintings.


Bangkok-based artist, Kériiyada, is most recognized by her idiosyncratic semblance of destructive female figures executed on cotton canvases.
The emphasis of her works is triggered by her impulsivity.
The shift in her moods dictates how her work will be composed. It’s either the change of utensils or the wide variety of unconventional media from cigarette ashes, spices, and herbs to gauze and iodopovidone. This allows the viewers to embrace particular interpretations of what they see on the surface.
Painting isn’t her sole field of art. Fashion design is another of her fascinations, Kériiyada had established her own line of clothing by her late teens.
Her hyper expressive line works draw attention from many people. She was offered an opportunity to design a collection for a well known brand in 2021, the collection was well
produced and gained countless positive feedback. Reached by a renowned author with similar interests in her unique line works, he granted her a collaboration proposal. A series of her work was featured in his books, published in 2022.

The latest appearance of her paintings was at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. France in April 2022.
She is expected to participate in another exhibition in New York, Madrid and more upcoming
events in late 2023.