I started to express myself and the world around me through contour drawing.

Artist should be able to accept oneself and  to find a way to express oneself.

I hope that through experiencing my art, you will be able to find yourself the meaning that I was trying to express.

​One Line

I draw all my eyes in every moment, with one line.


I draw with a single line, and that feeling has more power than a single word.


I wish. Don't try looking for the meaning of one line, feel relaxed for a moment with my one line drawing

I was born with a deformed heart and life wasn’t easy for me. Memories of my childhood were mostly filled with time spent in a hospital. My parents suggested taking up art as a hobby and although I loved it, I wasn’t able to get any professional education due to my health.

After idling away my teenage years struggling with my heart condition, I started drawing again when I was at rock bottom.

God was fair though, and I was gifted a special left hand which gave me the talent of drawing. I drew a line drawing with my left hand.