The Art for Ksenia, in its process and result, is, above all, healing.
Healing for herself, as it brings to light her inner world and gives it a
voice. Healing too, at least in her purpose, for those who observe it.
For those who feel it. As far as it goes...
Ksenia works mainly with acrylic and marker on canvas, in some
occasions introducing embroidery on it. She also uses a collage
technique on canvas, wood and paper.
The world of her imagery reflects artist's deep interest in the
mythology and spirituality of the ancient worlds, in the cultures of
native civilizations, in the world of subconscious, that keeps the
memories of the cultural archetypes and the realm of the dreams.
We all are keepers of the connection to the Cosmos, to the Nature,
and the archetypes are in our very DNA. We are swimming and
flying in a universal, collective and ancient space of information and
memory. And everyone catches something particular in this vast
informational field, be it through dreams, through some sudden
insights, feelings, meditations or through the creative process.
Artist's own mythology is full of fantastic animals and beings, men
and women, spirit and matter, suns and moons, earthly, cosmic and
subterranean worlds, the cycles of life, death and rebirth,
interconnectedness of the seen and the unseen...

Born in Perm, Russia.
After receiving the university degree in History of Art in Saint
Petersburg (Russia) she coursed a Master in Interior Design in Milan
(Italy) and then moved to Barcelona (Spain), where she lives till
now. In Barcelona Ksenia coursed a Master in Ephemeral
architecture and design, and also specialization courses in lighting
and furniture design.
From 2011 Ksenia began to experience with painting. The main
themes of her works were about dreams. In the beginning it was her
personal diary, then her dreams moved to the canvas.
In 2013-14 she was attending the workshop of spanish artist Nuria
Duran in Barcelona, where she experienced with a different
techniques of engraving.
From that time til now the artist has participated in group and solo
exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and Perm.
The works of Ksenia form part of the collection of Perm State Art
Gallery and of private collections in Russia, Spain, Italy, Austria,
France, Germany, Mexico, Chile and other countries.
Currently she dedicates herself to visual arts, art therapy and