As an artist I’ve strived to create art that is new, when I studied the history of art, not just visual art but all forms of art (Music, cinema, literature etc.) what stood out to me is that the artists that have had the most influence on art history are those who have added something new, a fresh perspective, a new method, a different way of looking at the world and the people in it.
But that is only one perspective on art and its role, the question: what is art? Has been asked a lot, my answer would be that art is limitless and out of that limitless- ness, we create something which is limited and once we have done that, we have created an artwork out of art.
In that process of creation an artist has total freedom, only when we dive deeper into creating the artwork we voluntarily set limits to what we can do, be it with the method that we use or the material we use, one of the “elements” (“element” is my way of describing a perspective on something
or an attribute that something consists of, every work of art consists of different elements) in my art is that I prefer it when different people can see different things in the same painting, I think that it creates a more “realistic” depiction of the world than some “realistic” paintings, to give more context to this idea it should be understood that when I studied philosophy, one of the philosophers that influenced me the most was Ludwig Wittgenstein, his realisation that meaning is dependent on the context that it is used in, is very important to me.
Because we all live different lives, we look at the world with different perspectives, even though we appear to live in the same world as everyone else, the truth is that we have totally different experiences from one another, this is because the way we experience the world is dependent on our past and seeing as none of us have lived the same life, we see all things differently, although superficially the world may seem the same for everyone, in reality we experience it totally different from one another.
One element in my art is to make the viewer aware of this, where one may clearly see something (ex: a fish) in a painting of mine, someone else will see something totally different (ex: a face), although it is just one painting.

This is one of the elements in my art, another element is emotion, I think that emotion is an important thing in art, if an artwork can evoke a certain feeling, emotion, experience in the viewer, that’s a beautiful thing, I think that one of the best ways to communicate emotion is through facial
expressions, that’s why faces are a conceptual continuity in my oeuvre.
For now I have described two elements that I have used in my work but I use a lot more because another element in my work is that I strive to add as many “interest- ing, beautiful” elements to my work. (Minimalism, simplicity, honesty and composition are also elements that I use) Whilst maintaining a “proper” composition.

It should be clear that my work is deeply rooted in philosophy but not restricted to philosophy, I try to include as many possible elements in my work without losing other elements, this balancing act is my method but when I paint or draw. I will not do this consciously instead I work through intuition, by letting the sub-conscious work freely through me.
I never know the meaning of my art, not at the beginning of the painting, not in the middle, and not even in the end, though looking at my art, I discover myself, and bit by bit I understand myself better, I hope that my art has the same effect on the viewer but I cannot force anyone to take the same perspective on my art as I do, because I do not believe in forcing people and as the old saying goes: “Art is in the eye of the beholder”