In the macrocosmos of existence, I observe the exploration and understanding of the self within time and space, in the material and metaphysical world. How humans as emotional, instinctive individuals strive to find balance between reason and desire as a survival mechanism within the collective consciousness of societies, the world, and the universe, while they perpetually try to form, find and retain, what is feels like, the elusive concepts of individuality and truth.
In the microcosmos of the individual, I try to marry the opposites by befriending the
archetypal extremes; good and bad, anger and peace, movement and stillness, courage and fear, anxiety and concentration, sound and silence, and how we can consciously use these states to create something beautiful. To create art. To create life.
The main form of art I use is poetry; I see and think in metaphors. I am fascinated by the power of language as a form of communication; the meaning we give to words and the
meaning they give us back, along with the ability to explain entire lifetimes with just a few
I express poetry via different media, from pen to paper, paint on body, photography. Movement is the most essential tool to express these concepts; form feeling to thought to body to the tip of my fingers to the brush. Just like a kickboxer engages the whole body to throw a powerful jab, the movement of the whole body in depicting visually what I feel is necessary. By controlling the movement of the body, I learn how to control my emotions and release their energy only for that instant when the brush touches another surface.

I was born in 1986 in Greece, where I currently reside. I studied Political Science in Athens, Greece and Law and Master’s in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice in Brighton UK. During my student years I was a committee member of The Sussex Of University Poetry Society and a Member of the university’s Show Choir.
I lived in Italy and England, and I have travelled extensively around Europe. I write since I can remember myself holding a pen. When I don’t write I doddle. I play the guitar and the drums. I am often seen and heard writing, singing or simply ‘making noise’ or even being completely silent and calm. Art is an essential part of my life. To be able to create is to understand. To understand is to explore; explore the world outside and the world within me.
With art, wherever I am, it feels like home.