With its strengths of colour and brightness my art wants to celebrate life as well as express gratitude for our presence. Love towards life and creation constantly flow into my art. I paint in a meditative state in which I try to bring my life‘s energy onto the canvas.
I work mostly with acrylic and vinyl on canvas. In my paintings many layers overlap. They shine through and influence surface and colours. I partially scratch or wash away the surface.
Shapes underneath become visible again like reminiscent memories. Fragmented
perspectives of nature form a main theme in my work. The play with light - as the most primal of all energies - characterises all my work. Neon colours, strong contrasts, white, golden or high-gloss glazes make the pictures glow by themselves and manifest a deep optimism about life and a view of the beauty of the world.

Born in Northern Germany in 1974, I studied art, art history and science of theatre in Kiel and Berlin. Then I worked as an assistant to the light artist Gert Hof organizing shows across the world. Loved painting large canvas pieces since my schooldays. Participation in group and solo exhibitions since 2007.
I live with my family in the Lower Rhine countryside.