My research is directed towards the portrayal of an interior world that is constantly measuring itself with external reality, an oneiric theater of strings suspended between psyche and reality, in which the artist - as stated by C.G. Jung - is subjected to the symbol that is imposed upon him.

My drawings and paintings are made on paper, on canvas or on wood panels that I prepare by myself. I preferably use oil and acrylic colors in mixed media with indian ink as well as egg tempera and engraving techniques.


"Lorenzo Bruschini’s images are ancient, as if they emerged unscathed from the telluric flow of history; surviving figures, who have survived the becoming of time. Visions discharged and forgotten where dreams fly high, Lorenzo observes the flow of clouds distracted by life, immersed in another becoming; suspended, while from a distance, one can see the hidden profile of Cocteau, Breton, Appolinaire. Lorenzo explores beyond the curtain of the invisible to return to our astonished eyes veiled images, melancholic signals of drifting smoke, castles of dreams, fluid, mobile and soft images floating in the compressed air of the surface. Here the dark and elongated shadows of the evening are projected, apparently motionless, inert and silent, exhausted space, the distant echo of the liminal waves of the soul resounds [...]" 
- Lidia Reghini di Pontremoli (text from the Catalog of the solo museum exhibition "Scendeva simile alla notte", De Luca Editori d'Arte 2021)

A graduate in Painting from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in 2007, Lorenzo Bruschini was awarded scholarships to study in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD). In 2008 he held the solo exhibition "Aux bornes de soi-même" (Le Opere Gallery, Rome) and engaged in a correspondence with world famous poet and member of the Collège de France, Yves Bonnefoy. This experience lead to his first contemporary art project, "Initiation à la poésie" (ARTOLL Artist's Residency, Bedburg-Hau, Germany / Solo Exhibition, Teatro Quirino in Rome, 2009), which focuses on the correspondences between drawing and poetry.  On these same themes of his research he held the solo exhibitions "Self-Shaping Drawings" (Maison Gai Saber, Leigné-sur-Usseau, France 2012) and "Self-Shaping Paintings" (RvB Arts Gallery, Rome, Italy 2014). In 2016, he was invited to realize the solo museum exhibition "Self-Shaping", curated by RvB Arts Gallery, at the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati (Italy, 2016). In 2019, the French Academy in Rome "Villa Médicis" commissioned him an environment scale video installation - UTOPIA - in collaboration with French-Venezuelan writer Miguel Bonnefoy. In 2020 he received the italian PSMSAD Fund Award (acronym for Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Writers and Dramatic Authors). In 2021, with the patronage of the Embassy of Greece in Italy, his solo museum exhibition  "Scendeva simile alla notte" was held at the Complesso Monumentale del San Giovanni in Catanzaro (Italy). The exhibition, curated by international art curator Giuliana Stella, was inspired by its contemporary art project - "Journey to Hierapytna" - and was promoted by the Andrea Cefaly Foundation of Catanzaro; the exhibition catalog was edited by the publisher De Luca Editori d'Arte.