Lucia Heumann creates photos with an analogue, manual camera and develops her films herself in order to achieve the most realistic and haptic experience possible with the photos. Choosing to shoot most of her photos in black and white makes her photos seem like they're from another era. Heumann prefers to shoot outdoors, on the street, among people. An example of this is the photo entitled "Forest walk" which depicts a woman walking in a forest, perhaps just before heading home or perhaps to linger. This type of photo allows the viewer to use their imagination to create stories and characters.

"Forestwalk" is a dynamic photo, thanks to the blur effect, which Lucia Heumann makes excellent use of. The perceived dynamism reminds us of the studies of the Futurist Italian artists of the early twentieth century. In particular, we remember Anton Giulio Bragaglia's photodynamics, in which the vibration and the essence of the gesture are born. Heumann's ability is to reproduce what the human eye lacks. She captures the interruption of a movement in a photo: a person before he disappears from view, cups before they fall and break on the ground, a train that is about to leave the station. This invites and allows the viewer to reflect on the moments, on fleeting life, on what a moment you might have before and a second after there isn't one.

Lucia Heumann is 16 years old and lives in Hamburg. She is currently studying
Phptography and New Media at the "University Of Europe for Applied Science" in
Hamburg (D) and London (UK).