Camcorder and photo camera have become my universal means of communication. I started portraying people and making short documentaries, I also drew nude models and painted landscapes. I worked in different genres and used different media. That's how I became a multidisciplinary artist. The main object of my attention was the human being. I studied his inner nature and outer form. In 2007 my autobiographical documentary "Create Your Personal Myth" won the 2nd prize at the film festival "Golden Drum" in Russia. In 2011 I wrote a book "Searching for the Soul", in which I share my experience about painting commissioned portraits.

The pandemic has drastically changed my artistic life. Communication with colleagues and my clients almost stopped and I had to look for new ways of my artistic work. One day, sitting in my studio, I watched the movement of the sun's rays through the jealousy on the wall, on the floor, on the objects on the table ... And this was the Impulse for the creation of a new series of photographic still lives. The sun was my co-author in this work, I just had to keep up with his movement. With the arrival of spring, my gardening work began, which was accompanied by digging into the ground and removing roots and weeds. All this was captured by my photo and video camera. In this way, my underground finds were transformed into mystical scenes from the underground life of plants. All this brought me back to the source, to my roots, to the pagan nature of my ancestors.

My recent digital works consist of many layers of different painting techniques mixed with photography and digital editing. In terms of content, they present themselves with a synthesis of the stories of contemporary life on our Earth and mythical traditions. This is the attempt to link times and space, to create a new universe.

My roots lie in Siberia, a "white and green continent" with endless tundra and taiga, a land of nomads and shamans, of megaliths in the form of phallic and egg-shaped menhirs, of graffiti-strewn rocks and sacred mountains.

I'm for the roots, but against the bonds that won't let me fly.
My curiosity about life in the West and my interest in European art and culture has brought me from Siberia to the Netherlands. A new cycle of my life has begun. I was ready to make new discoveries, to discover who I really am, what I stand for, how do I look at the world as an artist.