Lien's world truly comes alive through the canvas of abstract art. Each layer of color serves as an outlet for her creative spirit. Her artworks are not just mere compositions; they are a testament to her ongoing journey of exploration through various substrates, materials, and an array of vibrant hues.

In her contemporary acrylic creations, abstract forms take on a life of their own, bursting with energy, emotion, and an underlying love for the craft. Each piece represents a dynamic whole that evolves with every stroke, capturing the essence of her artistic odyssey.

Lien (35) lives in Kuurne and creates abstract painting. She started only in 2019. "Corona led me to see how far the creative in me took me. "I was attracted to the freedom of the abstract." I started painting in my garage, everything was full of splatters and I danced to the music while painting. I think it's important to make art from the heart and not because you have to. And sometimes you have to push your limits to get something beautiful like Iceland did with me during our trip. I like to work with acrylic paint, epoxy and texture.

Each work of art is unique what I make.