"Creation is limitless" is my motto. Giving free rein to my imagination is my driving force, I like to try new ideas. I am inspired by what I see around me. Every detail or element that catches my eye is a source of inspiration. My universe is first colorful. My Mediterranean origins influence my taste for bright and warm colors and pastel shades. Ocher, yellow, salmon, etc. are characteristic of the colorful facades of Corsican houses. 

I am more attracted by abstract art. Through my works I do not reproduce reality, but I compose a graphic set. I like to play with colors and shapes, especially geometric ones. I create simple abstract patterns with clean lines and curves. I use several media, mainly watercolor on thick 100% cotton 300 g/m2 paper, which I sometimes mix with other media (markers, ink or colored pencils). Watercolor has a magical side with the fusion of pigments and the transparency of colors. It allows you to create a multitude of shades of colors. I find that fascinating. This medium is usually used to make floral motifs, landscapes or portraits, I use it to create abstract works.


I am a self-taught artist, I live in a multicultural region of France, at the German and Swiss border. I haven’t studied Art. Very creative during my childhood, I always liked to draw, paint and create with my hands. I grew up in a family that loves art and more particularly painting. The passion for drawing and painting has been passed from mother to daughter : my mother was an amateur painter, my daughter in her free time is a drawer and illustrator. We all three share a passion for graphic arts.

After studying law, I worked for many years in the banking sector, then in the social sector. 

A few years ago, I again started drawing and painting for myself. Creation allowed me to escape reality, it was a bubble of oxygen. Since then, I have not stopped painting and drawing. I always have a feeling of escape and peacefulness when I paint.