I have been creating female nudes for decades. For me as a painter, women's bodies give a greater palette to ponder about the truth of life. They touch on existential problems that affect us all. I am fascinated by the body reduced to a sign, an abstract form, which gives a huge field of imagination and searching for my own answers to the questions of what the painting really represents.
Women are mothers, lovers, but also ephemeral saints or people following their own paths. Maybe because I am a woman myself, I give myself the right to some deformations and simplifications. Searching for what cannot be seen. It's a bit of an experience on its own. Women have been a source of discussion for centuries - what matters, soul or beauty? What is beauty really? Because everyone sees and understands it differently.
We are all repeating the same story of creation. All we can do is try deeper and deeper to understand who we are. That's what the Madonna series is all about. My Madonnas refer to both classical iconography and identity related to the old local culture. I replaced the halo from classic paintings with a pattern made of folk rollers, sometimes this halo is somewhere on the side, redefining the way it is shown and asking the question what really builds it. One can get the impression that these patterns irritate the body, cut into it and even hurt. Other times they are like a flower meadow around the heroines of the picture. It is this ambiguity and the possibility of self-interpretation, depending on the moment of life, own history, mood in which the recipient finds himself, that is the most interesting.

Malina Wieczorek studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, graduating in 1996 with honors. Diploma in the Interior Design Studio with prof. Barbara Borkowska-Larysz, annex in Graphic Design with prof. Jacek Siwczynski. Painting in the studio of prof. Janusz Tarabula. She has been exhibiting since 1994. Her works are on permanent display in prestigious corporate and private collections around the world.