"To my belief abstraction is a source of chaos and an inspiration for conceptual work. It gives me a sense of freedom and eternal possibilities for creation. Canvas covered with planes of colors, form and texture inspire my imagination, enabling me to transform shape into an open flow of pure symbolic ideas. On the strength of imagination, abstraction experienced through one’s mind changes its character and undergoes redefined limits, defining canvas space anew. A stain takes on a recognizable form, transforming surfaces into a coherent shape."

As an artistic director I realize my projects for numerous international corporations. In addition to painting, I engage in animation, design, landscape architecture and graphic design.

I focus on the human being, their emotions, fears, joys, experiences and fantasies. I explore and create new hybrid spaces that go far beyond traditional patterns. I would like to throw down a challenge and draw attention to the vanishing biodiversity around us and the irreversible extinction of fauna and flora species.